Our new offers!

We try to put our New Year's resolutions into action right away and offer a new Take Away Service & Fine Food Shop at the Rote Bären! 

Take Away-Service

From Tuesday - Saturday, we offer 2 different menus (meat/vegetarian) that you can enjoy at home with minimal effort. 

Menus are posted on the website, can be ordered online and picked up & paid for Tuesday - Saturday between 5pm-7pm.

All our menus are vacuum-packed and can thus (if stored correctly) be consumed the following day without any problems.


Prices of the menus (including appetizer, main course & dessert):

Menu 1 (meat): 45.-

Menu 2 (vegetarian): 37.-


Pickup times:

Tuesday - Saturday: 17:00 - 19:00


Fine Food-Shop

In addition to our orderable menus, the Rote Bären now has an on-site fine food store with homemade treats from Roger von Büren's kitchen.

During the take-away opening hours you have the possibility to add to your menu or just like that our Popular sourdough bread, delicious soups, homemade gravy, pickled vegetables, spreads & small desserts. .



Opening hours:

Tuesday - Saturday, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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