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Greatness in small amounts – our one size dishes allow you to effortlessly explore new tastes and expand your culinary horizons. At Roter Bären, indecisiveness is a virtue. As all of our dishes are served in the same size, you can compose your meal without being restricted to one main course.
We recommend a selection of three plates for an average appetite – bearing in mind the option of a forth course to satisfy your sweet tooth.
We expertly prepare our dishes arranging fresh, seasonal, and high quality products according to consistency and taste. At Roter Bären, the big picture is made up of carefully crafted small things and our very own spectacular simplicity.



Prices per plate:

2 Plates 39.–
3th Plate +16.–
4th Plate and more +15.–

All Prices in CHF incl. VAT.


Chef's Table

Am "Chef's Table" im Séparée servieren wir Ihnen ein 5-Gang Menü für CHF 98.-. 

Wer gerne mit seinen Gästen unter sich sein möchte, den erwartet ein aussergewöhnliches Geschmacksvergnügen.

Reservationen nehmen wir gerne ab vier bis maximal 6 Personen entgegen: +41 61 261 0 261 oder


Crispy camembert, radiccio, red radish, pears,  lemon



Parsnip-curry-soup, scallop, cumin, lime


Kohlrabi, crab, apple, brazil nuts



Pappardelle, chickpeas, egg, broccoli rabe, chili, lemon


Pike-pearch fillet, black salsify, chicory, spelt, blood oranges, citrous vinaigrette


Monkfish, chorizo, beans, spinach, caraway veloute 


Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl, morels, gnocchi, wild garlic

Iberico Pluma

Iberico Pluma, fennel, turnips, apple, celery, sage

Sweet / Savory

Price of dessert:

CHF 15.-

Cheese variation

CHF 18.-

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant, ginger ice cream, black sesame



Lemon, meringue, roasted almonds, salted lemon, earl grey granita.




Cheese variation, fruit bread, fruit chutney